ASG Sensor Academy – Training News – EO/IR course at NIGHT FLIGHT CONCEPTS INC.

ASG Sensor Academy (ASG SA) successfully delivered two EO/IR turret training courses to NPC pilots and sensor operators.  The two-day courses were delivered on behalf of NFC, a valued customer and partner specialising in NVG training and products. 

Augmenting NFC’s NVG training to the pilots, ASG SA provided classroom and simulator training to pilots and tactical flight officers, explaining the theory and operation of EO/IR sensors in a law enforcement environment.  Tim Sharp, one of ASG SA’s most experienced instructors, used ASG’s proprietary Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) 380 simulator to provide realistic mission training in a synthetic environment, exercising the operator’s thought processes, decision making and ability to operate the system itself.

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