ASG was the first company to provide the governmental and military aviation community with an Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR) sensor simulator. ASG currently offers a market-leading suite of EO/IR simulation solutions to the aerospace and defense industry within our Gimbal Imaging System Training (GIST) product line.                                                                                                     

These training systems simulate turret systems offered by L-3 WESCAM, FLIR® Systems, Gyrocam and Raytheon. The GIST product line currently includes simulations of the following turrets:
•  L-3 WESCAM MX™-10, MX™-15, MX™-15HD, MX™-20, MX™-20HD, MX™-20HADD
•  FLIR® Systems Inc. Star SAFIRE® II/III, Star SAFIRE® HD, Star SAFIRE® 380-HD, Star         

    SAFIRE® 380-HLD, Ultra8500, Ultra 350-HD
•  Raytheon MTS™-A
•  Gyrocam Systems (Lockheed Martin) 15HDIR                                                                                   

In addition, ASG is currently developing, or can deliver, additional sensor simulators within the L-3 WESCAM, FLIR® Systems Inc. and Safran ranges, as well as other non-ITAR products.
The primary functionality and objective of the GIST is to allow operators to configure and operate the integrated camera and sensor payloads deployed on a variety of simulated rotary and fixed wing aircraft and land and maritime vehicles in a stand-alone or shared training environment.               
The GIST system offers a complete, cost-effective solution for Sensor Operator, Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) and Pilot training. While GIST functionality can be integrated with ASG and third-party flight simulation devices and their Image Generation (IG) systems providing a comprehensive Crew Resource Management (CRM) training solution, a stand-alone GIST is available in several configurations, including a Twin Operator Station and a Single Operator Laptop unit. Multiple simulated turrets, Image Generation (IG) and mapping systems can be loaded onto each GIST unit.                                                                                                                                                         

The standard GIST products are self-contained units, utilize a standard 115-240 Volt AC, 60 Hz power supply, and provide all required simulation components needed for a turn-key training system, including:

•  Flight Simulator (vehicle model with representative behaviors to be chosen from an existing              library of fixed wing, helicopter and basic UAV models)
•  Sensor Image Generator
•  Control Unit
•  Instructor Operating Station (IOS) / Semi-Automated Forces (SAF)


Operator Interface
Operator interface is effected through ASG replica Hand Control Units (HCU) or Operator Control Units (OCU) interacting with the specific turret overlay simulation and menu structure.                        

The GIST system comes pre-loaded with scenarios and avatars that are designed to provide operators with a variety of situations to learn and practice the operation and menu structure of the installed turret(s). ASG also has a team of scenery content database specialists who can construct any required geographical and geo-specific terrain content through the CuRVE (Custom Reality in a Virtual Environment) concept.


ASG also specializes in producing the specific environments and missions in which a customer wishes to train and operate. If a customer wishes to learn the skills required to build their own scenarios, the Company can provide training using a combination of theory and practical exercises, with the practical element delivered on the GIST.