Training Environment Services and CuRVE (Custom Realistic Virtual Environment)
The key to successful EO/IR simulator use is to ensure that the device is fully integrated into the customer’s training regime, and that it provides a convincing environment and the appropriate level of realism to be representative of the customer’s mission profile. This level of realism is largely dependent on three elements: scenery content, objects and mission scenarios. ASG provides such features within its proprietary CuRVE

CuRVE strengthens the bridge between technology and training: 

  • Increased training environment realism by adding known features and objects
  • High-level and detailed scenarios allow focused training on the intended areas for improvement
  • Fast (re-) focus possible allowing training to be redirected to urgent or new aspects
  • Pre/Post mission rehearsal


World-wide scenery content can range from a low resolution, generic presentation to very high resolution, detailed and customized target areas, and is designed to be usable in daytime as well as low light and infrared simulations.





Basic objects such as houses, vehicles and people are included. These will vary depending on the geographic location. The CuRVE environment will adapt itself accordingly.